The Purpose of Tao
To venerate Heaven and Earth
To revere Holy Beings
To be patriotic, loyal and responsible
To be of virtuous character and to honor the practice of propriety
To fulfill the duty of filial piety
To respect teachers
To practice trustworthiness among friends
To live harmoniously with neighbors
To correct wrongdoing and pursue goodness
To expound the Five Human Relationships and the Eight Cardinal Virtues
To propagate the essence of the teachings of the saints from the five religions
To follow respectfully the traditional propriety of the Four Ethical Principles,
the Mainstays, and the Constant Virtues
To cleanse the mind and purify the thoughts
To cultivate the Truth with the aid of untruths
To restore the original True Nature
To develop the perfection of the inherent Conscience
To establish oneself and help others to be established
To enlighten oneself and help others to be enlightened
To help the world to have peace and order
To transform peopleˇ¦s hearts to goodness
To bring Great Harmony to the world  
          [ Chinese Version of The Purpose of Tao ]